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“War on Non-Christianity”

You may have heard the term before.. I know I have far too many times, “The War on Christianity”. But what exactly does this term mean? I find that it’s being used increasingly over the last year in the media. From the sounds of it, you would think hate crimes and violent religious discrimination movements of some extreme degree were taking place, but exactly what are the users of this bold term referring to, and who are the ones using it?

Whether it be Atheists fighting for the ability to refuse saying that they are “under God” without formal persecution, or Satanists wanting their own statue and equal recognition as a religion, it seems like most of these “war mongers” just want religious freedom and equality. For some people though, that is just inconceivable. Particularly, Christians.

In the first video the host claims that the Atheist is attacking Christians and rubbing salt in a wound by exercising his first amendment right in the form of billboards. And in the second, one guest, Former State Sen. of OK, Randy Brogdon basically endorses the merging of Christianity and State in Oklahoma, admitting that they do not support religious equality and that they intentionally passed legislation to exclude federal laws from their State Constitution that separate Church and State. But you will notice that both the Atheist and the Satanist used a very particular word, “tyranny”, to describe what they are fighting against and that is precisely what it seems like is going on. It really seems more like a war on non-Christianity to me. The main people you really hear about being hateful on a large scale and enjoying religious privilege in government seems to be Christians. Just in the last year we have had several things happening that really express the hive-mind hatred that Christians have toward other people, their rights, and their freedoms, and the worst part is how their fellow Christians cheer them on with support. They gladly and without mercy defend these offenders and their hateful attacks on peoples rights and their simple desire for religious equality.


Kim Davis refused to uphold her legal oath and responsibility to issue marriage licences to couples just because they are homosexual. Christians all over the nation supported her, sending her bail money, and Christian Pastors and Politicians have invited her to several speaking events praising her.


Ahmed Mohamed, a young Muslim boy was arrested for bringing a clock to school because it “looked like a bomb” according to his teacher and police officers.


Marco Rubio, one of the Republican Presidential Candidates for 2016, wants to make abortions illegal, with no exceptions including rape, disease, incest, or even a low survival chance for the mother, all because of his Christian religious beliefs.


Starbucks coffee is now being boycotted over simply deciding to just use red cups this holiday season. Considering their long tradition of more festive and decorative cups, Christians are outraged and believe it is an attack on their religion. This is a picture of Joshua Feuerstein, a popular Christian YouTuber who is also condemning Starbucks over there decision. He is known widely for attacking Atheism and other religions with very un-scientific and unfounded  logic.